Reviews for "castlevania : Future"

wtf alucard my arse

wtf alucard???he looks like dracula and hes smaller

rebaz responds:

seriously :P GTFO.

anyway, i dont know shit about Castlevania i made some random shit.
so dont flame me man

im being honest i think im the only one who is

u put time and a little effort into this i bet yer much prouder of yer dragon series which i like but this sucked balls the only thing i found funny was the dracula weird bloke with his penis out and gets it whipped off which raised a smile but u could do a hell off alot better judging by yer other flashes i aint mouthing u off just giving u my honest opinion instead of sucking u off well please dont make another pile of crap like that please for the love of god dont ill pay u not 2 please oh god oh god im starting to cry

rebaz responds:

i know this was crap, thats why i never cared about this submission xD, i failed in this shit
but, your review just made me lol, out loud yes xD

Great work

I still love the style of your animations, taking our favorite 8-bit game characters and putting them in new . ..actiony . . .adventures .. . .also, your storytelling isn't too bad, how much depth do you need in an action animation?! Thanks again for another quality piece!

rebaz responds:

lol, this is apile of shit .XD just read what MR-smokey1 has to say for it


Make another XD

rebaz responds:

its been a while when i got a New review on this flash..weller....
NO, lol
probaly cause i suck in making story's and Castelvania is....storyneeded flash thingy apgdhndfh.n,/cmn

This was a cool Castlevania Flash! :D

$$$The Good$$$

-The sprites in this flash were animated very nicely.
-The Music went well in every scene. The battle scene music was quite addicting.
-I love how people falling off buildings is a tradition. lol!
-The Storyline was ok but the Comedy is hilarious.

$$$The Bad$$$

-You're gonna have people complain over the Penis.
-Some jokes were a little saggy.


-Overall, this flash was great and I enjoyed watching it. Great Work Rebaz! Responses are gladly appreciated. :D


rebaz responds:

comedy is hilarious? no dude, the comedy in this flash movie sucks so bad, that i wanted to stop it, but i just posted it for the first scene, i actually feel ashamed for this BAD humor thingy, well i learned stuff....and its not as dry as back then i guess....

all the jokes were saggy, LOL(it means bad right?)