Reviews for "castlevania : Future"

Only one gripe

Trevor came before Simon not the other way around. Simon might have been in the first 2 castlevania games, but the third was a prequel. So there's no way Simon would travel to the future and meet his ancestor...that makes no sense at all, but anyways.

I hardly ever like sprite movies, but you used em well. The humor was odd...I liked the sight gags more than the verbal ones though. The action was cool and the sprites were manipulated very well. Good job!

rebaz responds:

DUDE WTF!? ....
i dont even know how the serie's are...i just made this for fun

glad ya liked it....


As always great rebaz :P

You Rock... you made Castelvania better than in real ^^ :P

rebaz responds:

Heheheheh, Thnx man, You rock!!

good work

yeah the story does need work, but not that much. it was randomly bad, but in a good way. it was all over pretty good, the fighting was excelent and it was just the right lenght. well done

rebaz responds:



GLad ya liked it XD


lol it was funny. good job!

rebaz responds:


lol, YEEE

Glad ya liked it =D!

i think ive seen this..

ive seen somthign very similar to this before, though this one wasnt bad for a sprite movie. god damn i cant stand sprites >.< but overall not bad

rebaz responds: