Reviews for "castlevania : Future"


although i got very confusd by the story line , i don't get it *_* REALLY

but the battle scenes they are so cool and funny (if you overlook they are just NES sprites) , wow ^^ especally if you played much of the games on NES and SNES as child ... it would be nice if you make a sequel or something...

rebaz responds:

yea, there is no plor. its kinda randomly stufzzle.. lol, why everyone keep saying, if there is a Sequel, can't you see This fucking SucksXD, well atleast.... 2/3 scene, the first scene best, thats what i thinkXD


XD One of the best sprite movies...

i've seen in a long time, it was funny, it was cool and it was the first time i heard Castlevania by Cradle of Filth in a flash movie n_~ can't wait for the sequel

rebaz responds:

then you have mist the Best Castlevania Movie there is,

go search under the Author's Name : Roger Gargantua

because of him i satrted this movie, but it seems it didnt do as good as his,


an excellent way to commemorate a classic game, i loved the storyline and the quick humor, and the mario cameo made me smile.

Just waiting for the sequel, and what was with those traditions?

rebaz responds:

storyline, good someone does understand it, i left allot of stuff out of it, i was to lazy to create it. i know, i know, I SUCK, who cares. atleast the First Scene Kicksass!


that was pretty good, i like the plot of the flash thingy, keep up the good work


rebaz responds:

Heheeh, Thnx

Glad ya liked it =D



rebaz responds:

EHehehehXD you ARE NUTSXD!!! =D

Glad ya liked it =D