Reviews for "castlevania : Future"

Hit or Miss

I found the humor in this flash just terrible. Not one of the "jokes" made me laugh and served only to distract me from an otherwise decent flash. The whole penis thing could not have been more rediculous and gave this flash an adult rating that was totally uncalled for.

All that said, the animation was great and you managed to avoid the ever so common DBZ references. Castlevania always looks and sounds great and for the most part you stuck to that.

Take away the penis and text comments and you've got a pretty decent flash.

rebaz responds:

..dude...you fucking rule..not liking the jokes!, i know, my sense of humor..well dont have it..i laugh almost on everything, and d, wh worrie, about the penis? when you are in the shower? you dont seee your own penis!? you act like the world is lost....its just, a ''Penis'' , --_--, it lowerd my Score, but i dont care, i hated this movie

but i'm glad ya liked my animation, i usaly care about animation

and nahh, i dont wanna have a Decent flash :p =D!, i wanna keep it like this =D

Another nice Flash piece from Rebaz !

Nice one, Rebaz ! Its good too see you finally finished this movie, I was waiting for it. Ive written a complete review for ya at my website but i will do a small one here.
I think its a nice movie but certainly not ur best. The graphics were cool and the action was hot. However, the story was a lil bit thin and some small details could have done better.

The jokes were cool, this movie made me laugh a few times. I like your comedy style ! I cant wait to see your new Double Dragon Flash now. Keep up the great work, man ! :D

rebaz responds:

Hey, gargantua!!, Hehe, yea i've Readed the Big Review,
yea, indeed, not my best , you can tell,And also Glad ya liked the humor, aperantly, some other people didnt liked it XD

yea, my DD will be AWESOMEZORZ!! =D!

I <3 this movie, and I NEVER use emotes, lol

Seriously, I REALLY liked the sound. Kinda random, but you know what, who cares. I don't, so there ya go, lol.

Make some more, :)

rebaz responds:

i dont know , What the fuck you are talking about, i know you liked it, SO , WASSUASPUPASUPSAU :D!

Glad Ya liked it!!

Lacking in story, but who cares...

I don't watch these for the story, well okay sometimes I do if its a good one, but mostly I watch them for all the ass kicking and complete acts of randomness. Rebaz my man you've done it again. ^__^

From your #1 Shining Star Manga!!! :3

rebaz responds:

Thnx man, i'm Glad ya liked my Action shizzle, MAN, YOU RULE!

Not bad... but not good

It was alright, but that should have been 'Mild Nudity'. Good work tho

rebaz responds:

Hehehe, Glad ya liked itXD