Reviews for "Fireflies (Owl City) - Cover"


That is pretty amazing. The voice effects for the first verse didn't really work, but the rest was great.

Very nice.

That is a very nice cover version for Fireflies.
I like the voice, also.

sound prety good to me

only one thing............... when you or whoever sung it the song looses a bit of its value to the owl city fans.Other than that great song.

I dont really think you add anything to this song

nothing except perhaps the rock-part around 1:30-1.40 are contributing to make the original better.. your voice, good as it might be, isnt an amazing change. Even thought it might be nice to hear a song, you've allready heard a hundred times, in a new tune, i dont think that this is better or even as good as the original..

nice song but... the effects..

nice song bt the effects make your voice sound.... bad.....
everything else it's good effects is the only prob..