Reviews for "Fireflies (Owl City) - Cover"


i like better than the reg virson

No offense- but heres my constructive critisism.

Ah kai. Well i did enjoy it. Your voice is alot more mature and doesn't exactly fit in comparison to the original which is fair enough :). Also I'm not sure if it's just me but i found that the drum felt sluggish or behind. This is an exceptional effort though. The backing guitar that comes in and out is different and original :) Owl city with a small rock twist in it. Well done!


kinda cool your voice is a little funny

this seems alittle... forced

I don't know Jazza, you are a good artist but it seems to me that you kinda forced the vocals, and the timing on "eyes" was a little out of sync. Your voice kinda died at the first time you sing "slowy" it's too low. Your vocals also sound staccato and make me want to listen to the original song. (I think it's safe to say that covers should be able to stand on there own and be as enjoyable to listen to) it gets better at around 1:25 and flows more.

Personally (being only a violin player in a highschool orchestra as experience) I think you should attempt to master it better. Your voice is distinct from Adam Young, and I think the first part needs to flow more, rather than that staccato I mentioned above. I loved the Pico Day Song, but this can and ought to be better.


You are an incredible artist...Cover or not I love this version more then the origonal!!!