Reviews for "Fireflies (Owl City) - Cover"

Let me tell you this...

I hate the song. Im not talking about your version, Im just saying I dont like the song. Me and my friends are doind a dance thats making fun of it for the talent show at my school cause we hate it so much.

But... with that being said, you actually made it a plesure to listen to. I would take this one over the actual version anyday, nice job. I never realized with just changing some stuff around it can be an enjoyable song. For some constuctive criticism the loud parts could be a little louder and the quiet parts quieter. It would give it a better impact for the song.
All and all, it was very enjoyable.


Very interesting- I think you should have kept it at a higher octave, mainly because at present it sounds more like your over yelling it-

I think for me, the thing that saved it from a 7 or an 8 and gave you a 9 was that you included the voice effects that really did the song justice. It was the little stuff like that. So honestly, I really liked it, I'd just have chosen a different octave to play with.


I like this version better than the original your voice matches with the music... at least that's what I think.

Different, but I like to listen to it!

Even though it's quite different from the original, I really like it! You've got a nice voice and I think the way you changed it is really catchy and pleasant!

I agree with others

I loved the remix but... your voice is just not meant for this song :D

Dont get me wrong you have a great voice but its just too deep and mature for this song. IT also didnt to "flow" as much as the original song.

Therock feature added into it was kool though and the entire instrumental part of it is great.

Keep it up!