Reviews for "Fireflies (Owl City) - Cover"

Hmm, different, Verry different.

At first I just thought that you were going to change the rythym of the synth at the beginning, but after listening to the whole song I see that I was wrong.
Your voice is actually pretty good. Its deeper and less high pitched, kinda ghey, like Owl City (no offense to them by any means.)
There were a few sour notes I heard that kinda hit me hard and made me kinda cringe, but you bounced back everytime.
I was diggin' on the metalish, rockish theme you made the chorus.
Over all, very good, very different, very original (minus the fact that its a cover), and very well done.
-Leonard =D


I like how you use one.


I didn't like it at first, but after a while, I'm starting to get into it-- you have a very nice voice! It's a different take of the song, and I like that you did your own thing, but I prefer the original song this one.

1 thing

your voice sucks


if that you singing,your best guy ive herd singing this