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Reviews for "Ultimate Ninja Showdown I"

That was awsome!!!!

How you made the 3D?
What program did you use???
That was SO COOL, the flash ROCKS.
Anyway, i didn't wanna see the whole movie.
I got no time :P
Anyway, you should make the part where flare ninja throws fire a little bit smaller, otherwise, IT ROCKS!!! :D
Keep up whit these movies :)

PureCarnage responds:

I use 3ds max for the 3d... converted to vector for flash.

Check out episode 3 when I release it today, it will rock hard.

Don't let the "low" scores fool you.

I actually thought it was an above average flash. There was an interesting bit of 3D work, but somehow I think this is meant to be more enjoyed by a specific audience (the forums people.) Has potential, but to catch my attention it needs improvement in the graphics area and clearing up the voices so I can hear them better, otherwise, decent job. ^_^ Kudos.

PureCarnage responds:

It has potential to be fun... this is about having fun. Those who get into it anyways.

I'm never about making everyone happy.

UNS 4 imo is better then 1.


youll meet your doom!

eya,fight my dudes,cant post the new one yet cause ive made 4 post in a row.


Fun, Adicting But like other reviews, it needed music and like an extra life for each level but besides that its good! keep it up.

pretty good

pretty good...but u can do better...oh and dont let some scumbag ruin it for u....u worked hard and that deserves credit...remmeber to try to add a bit of story to it ^^ cya