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Reviews for "Ultimate Ninja Showdown I"

That was weird with how good Inu's animation was. I mean, it's easily the best thing here. I just wish there was more action. It still got annoying with all the same animation being used over and over. I'm glad this wasn't too long. I'm kind of familiar with you.

You bought the most Newgrounds merchandise or something? I just know a lot about statistics here. It looks like these get better at least. You made it too repetitive. I'm sure you've done better.

1) inu is a fail who dance fights. 2) put him against actual badasses like tenshionmaru (stick) or hank (madness) and inu wud fucking fail

Should make it better...

Work out on the flare ninja if he moves like that "Inu" its gonna be a cool video!!!
If u do it ill give u a better ranking then 4.

this was gay

dude that was just a gay alien dace ass hole.

Drunk Ninja

Whatever that ninja was on... CAN I HAVE SOME?!