Reviews for "Xenomorfos Killer 2"


THEY ARE HOT i love this!

very addicting

clever, original, and awesome not just the porn part but also the shooting

This is all I gotta say

AWESOME! Close your door and lock make sure no one sees u play this amazingly addictive game you rock.This gets a awesome 5.

um wierd???

yeah i think i setted hte highest combo and score. combo reached 1000 and the scored in another section reaches 1,000,000 due to unexpected errors in a little accident i had with my cheat engine i tried hacking it but then i relised the game wouldnt stop so i said in my head "FUCK THIS ILL GET THE MOST POINTS XD" so after i do i diced again fuck it and turn off the cheat and win with shot accuraccy of 1000%. and this other time i was like pissed off at this level for some reason so being stuborn i wouldnt quit and said again MUHAHAHHAHA CHEAT TIME. so i got my cheat engine and use it but unlock everythign and beat the whole game. its wierd though my scroce and combo where all me just had it fun o and i set the killer spawn to high so i got like 40 at me same time shooting lol still i owned their asses :D

very nice

i was looking for julia chang hentai games like f***ing her or like other vg babes h games..But this also very good...If u guys have any other julia chang hentai game then plz share with me..