Reviews for "Xenomorfos Killer 2"


The hentai is good, but the gameplay itself is also awsome


Very Good Game

really nice!! i cant think of something to say but this is pretty good
my biggest combo was 152 total score: 5556235

good game

its good hentai. . . . . . . . . . . what more is there to say

only result when searched for Rumble Roses T.T

To those others saying this game is too hard v.v ya you know who yo are you must be bad at videogames or something then it was pretty easy nothing too impossible had trouble whit 1 challenge that i had to repeat about 3 times...I like the mini-games and the actual game play but wasn't impressed with the rewards...I kinda thought they were poorly drawn err animated...whatever & some more variation in the games would be nice...Overall 4/5 & 8/10

Pretty hard

That was cool to be honest I was more interested in the mini games than the rewards haha It was quite hard but not to hard I finsihed it completely now. Also it looked good and had smooth animation but the 1 starst were way to easy no one could fail.