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Reviews for "Showdown With Goku"

Funny and smart

Very funny it's like a real figth but ok honestly goku looks so freaking wack!!!!!!! i say that dude would of got his ass kick by goku in 1 sec!!!!!!!!!! SS4!!!!!! DEAD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


good flash. it was worth the wait to watch.

also if you get a crack for your flash you can keep using it. Flash cracks are illegal but what are you gonna do?

very impressive

anyone who's been a fan of DBZ has played this scenario in their heads a thousand times over. It's cool that you made your fantasy a reality. Bravo.
P.S. I liked your coffee grinder sweep kick. that was sweet

loved it

i read throuigh most of the reviews that you responded too lol!
my favourite one ..(i lauhged my ass off for ten minuits) was the guy who critisised you're movie for the fact that Goku was fake!! HAHAHAHAHA!!!

man, honesltly you have immense tallent! please buy flash and make another few of these, seriously, you could make alot of money out o doing this kind of stuff!

U R.o.C.K"""

AerialNinja responds:

Thanks dude, some people do say such stupid things sometimes don't they!


You beat Goku!
You are the strongest man in the Universe!