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Reviews for "Showdown With Goku"

5 MB, are you nuts!?

How does this not have 5 stars? This shit is amazing! The animation was well-synced with the live action and made me believe Goku was actually there with him. Very impressive for something from 2006.

goku would brake his bones at the beggining ... theres no way human can beat sayan

Nice, but ofcourse the acctual DBZ fights cant be replicated through flash. I wanted to see more of blinking back and forward quick punches, and so on. But an overall 4.5/5

Was that the sound of the tardis when they shot the beams at each other?

Honestly, why did you not even think of speeding up the video? Even at a time lapse ratio of 2 to 1, you wouldn't have looked pathetic with the speed of those kicks. If Bruce Lee would clearly kick your ass, Goku certainly would. Really the way to do it would of course not to speed up the whole thing, but for brief clips to be sped up variably. If you did that, the only thing you wouldn't be able to hide is the fact that gravity would be increased from its usual 9.81 m/s^2 to that times whatever time lapse ratio you use, but if you didn't speed up moments where it's clear from your motion what gravity's strength is (namely speed it up when you kick, but not when you jump, and when you take a step, make sure your center of gravity is over your one foot which is still on the ground until the other is firmly on the ground), it could actually be convincing. The alternative would be to just film the whole thing on the moon and speed up the video by a factor of 6 but that's probably outside of your budget constraints, ha ha. Also it would be hard to find a field of grass and a blue sky on the moon.