Reviews for "CuberXtreme"

thats some serious sh*t

damn it was hard
so hard it became funny
good work


It's amazing that you can fit all of this data into a single flash file and be able to submit it to ng. Very good puzzle game! One that rivals Bejeweled 2! And that's saying a lot. Very good make a sequal! :D


I'm currently stuck on the final stage, but I'll beat it believe you me >:0 Great game

Yay for puzzle geniuses!

Wow, I'm amazed you were able to fit so many levels and so much quality into your puzzle game! My friend and I are considering buying the full version! We were just blown away! I'm stuck on the bonus level, though. I've beaten everything else, including Emerald. Could someone please help me out?


one of the better puzzle games i've played in a while