Reviews for "CuberXtreme"

so impressive

this is super high quality work. it feels great just be running around in that little environment. i think i want to live there for a day or two. although i imagine it might get lonely.

i admit that i didnt get that far. brain teasers frustrate me after a while. mainly because most of my daily life is a brain teaser and i usually dont go seeking it out in computer games. but the style here is just so great.

uh... oh yeah, keep it up!

Not bad. Not bad at all.

Great game man, and to the guy who wrote the review before this one, what the hell is wrong with you? Just because you couldn't make it past the 1st training level doesn't mean this game sucks, it just means you suck at this. I couldn't get past it either, but do you see me getting all pissy? Nope.

Great game, make more, you just made me like puzzle games.


You call that training levels? It took me like 15 tries to finish it! Anyway, great game, great graphs and beautyfull background music! Makes me think about an old game I used to play, called Virticon Millenium...

Stuck on Bonus too

If mentally snapping and laughing in hysteria over the Bonus level counts as "humor", then it deserves a 10. It was addictive and fun, and kept me busy for at least 3 hours before I got stuck. For those of you stuck on Training 1, symmetry is the key. The Final Exam really isn't that bad. Start pushing the clear block up, the green one down, then look at it logically. Count the Anchor blocks of each color and decide which moves are impossible because they would leave an anchor block without a corresponding color. When you start where I said, and start to eliminate choices, you can go by process of elimination pretty fast and solve it within half an hour. Some of the advanced levels are tough, but look at 'em logically and you'll get it eventually.

Hmm Hints?

It gets hard to fast... I got stuck on training 4. If it is so hard perhaps a Hint system could be an option when you get stuck.