Reviews for "CuberXtreme"

cubis ripoff or clever idea?

suspiciously like cubis I and II from the shockwave puzzle gallery. a little more innovation in terms of different blocks but then again i thought cubis was much more entertaining even up to level 35. oh well if you didnt bite it from shockwave than cudos to you if you did well i dont know i guess i can just ask you to be careful, adobe now owns macromedia and shockwave, last that i heard they have deep pockets for copyright infringement.


i enjoyed it alot, the graphics are wonderfully smoothe, and you actually have to think about the puzzles, im on the bonus stage at the moment and finding it very difficult. amazing work

to hard

this game is way to HARD! i can't get past the training level the 1st one

make more of this high quality

the quality is very high! but its very difficult:S
i was already by the first traingin:)

so impressive

this is super high quality work. it feels great just be running around in that little environment. i think i want to live there for a day or two. although i imagine it might get lonely.

i admit that i didnt get that far. brain teasers frustrate me after a while. mainly because most of my daily life is a brain teaser and i usually dont go seeking it out in computer games. but the style here is just so great.

uh... oh yeah, keep it up!