Reviews for "CuberXtreme"


It is just an amzaing game to play! Amazing graphics, well thought out gameplay - i perosnally feel they shouldn't be called training levels becuase the majority of them were difficult; especially the "advanced training" - clever little ideas (i especially liked the "pet" one) and it was the kind of game where you would actually have the patience to think about the levels.

The reason for this is that you know the author clearly put a lot of effort into this, and not just squibbled a few lines, drew out a few puzzles and sent it out there without bothering to check whether or not it was playable.

Terrific game; this should be saved for many years!

great game

it's fun adictive and lengthy

Addictive, challenging and peaceful

This game is..phenominal.
The graphics were superb, smooth and alluring. I would've liked to have been able to choose my character, perhaps a sequel to the game could have that option?
I appreciated how the music changed per level just a bit, yet stayed with the overall thoughtfully meticulous humming. A thought-provoking element could've been to have each kind of dissapearing block give a unique sound.
The actual puzzles themselves were challenging, I appreciated being able to take my time with the only reprecussion being a lower score..a timer would've ruined my enjoyment of this game whether I could beat it or not.

I was a little thrown off by the use of the word "training", not unlike many other reviewers, so maybe you could rename the stages. Give them creative headlines, like "Anchors Away" for the anchor-devoted training stage and so on.
An overall score would be nice, and perhaps a high score board comparing that and individual stage scores with other players who've beaten the game.
Looking forward to a second installation. If I'm not mistaken you're also the creator of another chess-like game I play.


great game make more. PS. can some one help me with advanced training 3

liked it

rip off or not, i liked it! even if the idea was ripped, gotta give the author credit for coming up with the puzzles