Reviews for "CuberXtreme"


graphics --- 10* 3d/2d style graphics are candy-themed .... awesome really looks like Fox's candys

style --- 8* lottsa cube games round , tho concept is original

sound --- 5* for some reason i dont hear anything .... but ill give a five

violence --- 0* does anybody see violence here!??!

interactivity --- 10* -nuff said

humor --- 0* nothing seems to be funny but the game itself is fun

nice game

its good but how the hell do u get past lvl 1

Wow I don't know what to say execpt...

This game is sweet! I couldn't even get past training 1! Oh well! I liked it anyways, good job! Keep making puzzle games like this and you'll be famous!

((( GREAT GAME )))

Really fun game, it had lots of different neat things and i really got into the game, the "GRAPHICS" was really good aswell, and an overall just neat game very nice effort and detail, from start to finish...

Maybe more extras like some sorta easter eggs or something...

Fun and entertaining game, good for when one is bored...


great graphics

this game has the best graphics i have ever seen on a flash game good job but it may have been a good idea to make it so you can pull the blocks as well