Reviews for "CuberXtreme"

Sweet game

This game was pretty good, very ineteresting concept, just plain fun


amazing game...great graphics u musta put so much work into but...but REALLY hard....im stuck on training 4!! help lol

The Game Was Excellent

Overall the game was a blast! People dont understand the concept of the blocks not having to be lined up...but rather the "Moving" block will only remove the blocks that it scrapes against when it moves. This game will make a great addition to newgrounds, and was a lot of fun to play. I like to think...

Thanks For The Great Game!! - CaveMaster


Kind of counterintuitive sometimes. It took me about 10 minutes to figure out training 1, and it seems very silly to me in training 2 that you had to push a block in between the anchor block and another one to make the anchor go away, while pushing one at the end to make it 3 in a row didn't, even though it's the same damn thing.


game is boring and the advance lv. 2 you cant beat. game just suck :(