Reviews for "CuberXtreme"

pretty cool

whew. really steep learning curve. too steep for me, made me feel like a dumbass. on my 5th or 6th attempt to get past training 4 i had enough of the abuse!

you must be a smartypants to make puzzles this difficult. give people a more gradual difficulty. ease them gently and slowly into your nerd-like hell and i think even more people will enjoy it.

this is a lot like cubis, visually and in theory.

Great game but...

HOW DO YOU BEAT THE BONUS LEVEL??!! i've been trying for hours, help! Great job, BTW.

So dam hard

So hard, I cried.


Form an L in the corner.


great game

for those of u who cant get pas trainin 1, move the green on the left down, then move the blue on the left down 1, move the other green on the left down. move the blue on the left to the other two. now move the final green on the right.
The games was very well done but i feel that training 1 was wayyyy too hard. training 2, and 3 were much easier than 1 for me. The game got pretty boring after awhile (maybe cuz i was too frustrated) graphics were superb tho. Sound could have been more non-repetitive.


This is a beautiful game, and not just graphics-wise, though the aesthetics are amazing by themselves. It's challenging but not impossible, unique but not incoherant, and the directions are thorough and helpful. The music reminds me of training minigames on old PS titles, which just aids the overall affect--this could hold its own on a game console. Watch out, Tetris.

For those having trouble with Training 1--don't try to put them in straight lines. There is a solution, you just have to work for it. No glitches, just a tough puzzle, and you'll shout with glee when you get it. (Well, if you're as big a dork as I am, anyway.)