Reviews for "CuberXtreme"


Wow this game is an awsome puzzle game! Te best flash one i've ever seen. I spent a couple hours playing all the levels becasue if u screw up once u have to start over. Which got me mad. But i liked it. Because it made u think alot. Well i've beaten every level except the final exam... It is just really ridiculous!!! It must of taken u a LONG time to even think up that level? To make it so that every move counted.. ITS HUGE! and there is 24 blocks and there of all kinds. Anyway Congrats to u sir! Because i currently can't beat final exam, i've gone to cubrius web site and started playing the emerald pack. Its very fun too lol.
And for every1 who thinks the levels are impossible... there not... acually once u get them u say to urself "Wow i'm so dumb why didn't i think of that before" lol trust me. NO LEVEL IS IMPOSSIBLE because "I've" beaten them all except for the final exam.
~A quick tip to anyone playing this game, don't always think about rows (although many levels require that) You should think about groups of 3 too. Like this (-)(-)
Anyway for all u ppl have fun playing this! I no i did lol. I have all the levels memorized already lol. A couple of the advanced training levels only took me like 15 secs to beat.

I really enjoyed it

Lets start off with the things I like. The graphics are excellent. The controls are responsive. I like the little tips you put in before each level but it felt like this game could be of been so much better. I don't know how but it felt like it was missing something. The sound kinda of bugged me and the gameplay got a little repetitive. Overall, I liked but there isn't anything special about this game.

Just another puzzle game

This game wuz okay but there were a few flaws. The tutorial levels were pretty pointless. The author could have just made tutorial videos. Also it wasnt very original. There is other puzzle games that are similar to this. I like the fact that the author starts the game off pretty challenging. U have to think to beat the level cuz if u skru up once youll have to start over. I think this is a decent game thats mildly fun but really its just another puzzle game like all the rest.

As My Name States

I couldn't complete the game because after all the tranning stages the first stage was IMPOSSIBLE.


I love this so much.You're a great pro.

Hey people,take a look in the last review for tips.