Reviews for "CuberXtreme"

Great, Challenging piece of work

I finally managed to overcome all levels. Kudos for an excellent game

Great game!

Its fun and all but so hard! I got stuck on advanced practice 2! Damn that green anchor block!

Nicely done...

Graphics: Smoothest Flash Graphics I've ever seen, and the most realistic ones too.

Style: Yahoo! has a similar game, so this game does seem kinda stolen, yet you have your own touch to it which makes it different.

Sound: It leaves more to be desired. All you have is music and effects, and the effects really aren't that good. Try making better sounds and add them.

Interactivity: It's a game, and there isn't any "Click for this option, or click for this option" places. Many games are like that, many aren't. The ones that aren't are the hard ones, and that gets you bonus points for this.

Overall: It's interesting, potentially addictive, and fun. Good job.

some of the levels are challenging.

i mean, it's not such a bad game, but it is quite hard. i just suck @ these games... -_-

nice design though...

Great puzzler

I can't figure out how to beat the bonus stage, but other than that the difficulty was just about perfect. Enough to make me sit and think for a bit, and still have to restart a few times on the later puzzles.

I will admit I was hoping for something more like Intelligent Qube, but a Sokoban variant with different types of block is good too.