Reviews for "CuberXtreme"


Near the end the levels seemed to get easier. There were some in the middle though that drove me insane.

Nice Game.

I liked This game.

I Only found A Problem With Training 2. The Anchor Block Doesn't Go Away When You Connect The Other 4 blocks causing it to not advance.


great game a bit hard found levels to get easier than way harder only made it up to lvl 4

lol i like it

cool game indeed very had to pass advanced training2 really hard but i gotto say that u rocked it

Weird o.O

It took me a little while to get how to complete training 1... trainin 2 and 3 were sooo easy, and training 4 was stupidly hard... Kinda weird. Well, the concept is not completely new but the graphics are very nice. 7/10