Reviews for "CuberXtreme"

newgrounds most aggrivating game of the year goes2

Cubrius!!! yay!...but seriosly..some of the puzzles were hard... like when i did them i was like O_O...


The game is amazing. THe graphic is awesome. Sound effects are cool. This game is very interactive. Anyway i like the puzzles so this one is good for me.

Yeah this is the best puzzle game i've seen ever.

I'm going to buy full version :)


Just like an old japanese arcade game, it's full of color, and pizaz i loved it! make more like it! when i pleyed it, it reminded me of the good ol sony playstation 2

Not that great...

I didn't like this game very much. It bored me after the first few levels. Good graphics are the only real reason I'm giving this a 2.


one of the better puzzle games i've played in a while