Reviews for "CuberXtreme"

Nice graphics

I loved the Sfx. This game kinda made you think. The only suggestion I have is that you make the first few levels "tutorials" and make them skipable.

Great Game

This was a great game and very addictive. For those having trouble with the final exam, my first moves were moving the gray block up, moving the blue joker up, moving the blue rune down and moving the green joker over between the purple and orange anchor. Moving the green joker is key because it frees up the orange joker to use on the bottom orange anchor without taking out the purple one. Hope this helps.


this game was very well made, and preety difficult too, im upto the last 2 levels, and i give up :S but this game deserved its award there, cant wait too see what else you can come up with

very well done

This is an excellent piece of actionscripting with good graphics and a very enjoyable game overall. Flex the frontal lobe though; the later levels get tricky. Bravo.

Perfect Game

This game is perfect for someone looking for a visually/audibly entertaining puzzle game. I love it, but I can NOT beat the final exam. Help me!
- cianumis