Reviews for "CuberXtreme"

Wicked Game w00ties

Alot of effort was put into this and it shows
I love puzzle games but i must admit this puzzle is HARD.
I think that there should be some more final exams :D
Final Exam: 9820
Bonus: 16320
For the final exam, i started with pushing the grey block up, and green one down.
All my Votes ^ ^


I put humor at a score of 10 since this game was so tough I was laughing my ass off and crying when I finally finished that level. This game is one of the most difficult puzzle games I have EVER encountered. The only thing I could offer to improve on is if the level is already ruined when you've made a mistake it shouldn't let you continue and notify you that you need to restart. I thank you for giving me the opportunity to challenge myself on this game, Good job man.. good job.


This game is really good, but can you even pass the bonus level?! I have like 6 blocks remaining, I can't do it :"(. Somebody should like tell me if they beat the bonus level, but I'll keep trying.


Great Game. Compicated and challenging. I Love It.


Wow....A game that actually made me think...Hmm