Reviews for "Self harm : the emo game"


Nice choice of music my friend.Although emos don't cut,this is a great game.

cashuu responds:

i think you'll find we do cut!


WTF???????????? nice music though

cashuu responds:



Okay it was a pretty lame game, but I got a laugh out of it :D (especially at the end where it says "Try Again! [in real life]) Funny.

I can't condone emos. They're not all bad, but the whiney ones suck right? I used to cut, but I never have been emo. Which goes to show you, Suicide can be for normal people too XD But prozac took care of that. 83
With that said, love this game!
Music is repetetive.... but oh well.

This is very upsetting

I played this when i was part of the "emo" culture throughout my middle school education and i have played it over again a couple times over the years but the only reason i gave it the light of day again is because of the song. I am not emo and i will not be stereotyped as such or that of any subculture. Panic At the Disco is a great band especially there new songs and more Beetle sounding songs. To all who read this review I would enjoy if you would go to my profile and check out my website. I really would appreciate it.

Cashuu I gave you this rating because I do not understand why this genre or any other subculture need to be stereotyped with the ridiculing of a problem that engulfs many people today. Self harm has taken many of my friends that were perfectly normal and mutilation should not be made into this comic bullshit many people create now. Cashuu I am not saying your a rude person at all, I just think some things should be left alone, especially when it involves an issue that has taken many innocent peoples lives. I am sorry to all who do not agree with this following statement but it is fact. I gave you two stars only for the music. This was truly upsetting to many of my peers and elders.

cashuu responds:

This was made back in 2006, some 5 years ago, lots of things change in that time. cultures and the people i am around. back then it was more hip to laugh at all the emo around. However its not really there anymore. its more filtered out. so people don't seem to come at this with the eyes / feelings of the time.

It seems most people on newgrounds now are young kids who get easily offended at nothing, lighten up guys! you're the reason this is here.

Its nice of you to come back if that's what you actually do. hello!

Ok the end was a bit offensive but.....

But the game was ok but i am just here to rate. This game made my thumbs hurt and I loved the "Your not emo your just a bit puffy" XD so I guess this is a good game if smashing your fingers onto your spacebar is your thing.