Reviews for "Self harm : the emo game"

The song is I write sins not tradgies by panic at the disco

ok look im an emo too and just people might not like you doesnt mean you can make fun of us we are no different we may a few more feelings but that is it and stop trying to stand out making fun of other people because maybe even your own friends are making fun of you :)
dont judge if you dont know a person! :)

excuse me, whats the song?

person bellow me can't take a joke/ emo loser/ attention seeker, the game it self is pretty good.

this is the most fucking disgraceful and offensive game ever it is horrible who in there write mind would make a game like this it is setting a bad example to little kids i am a self harmer myself and seeing this just sets off triggers so i no that (most) self harmers dont do it for attention every self harmer has there own reasons and whoever the sicko is who created this game if i ever met him/her i would punch in the face