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Reviews for "Sonic riders in 3 minutes"

Talk about FUNNY

Everyone is dumb


now that's funny

Heh heh, pretty funny.

Yeah! That was great! The jokes about the game were funniest in general. Only one problem though. The subtitles were a bit too fast. Don't get me wrong, I could 95% percent of the time understand what they were saying, I'm like the best reader in my entire school. No kidding. But it just seemed rushed at parts, and I couldn't even SEE what was going on. (Even though it's in three minutes.) And that's all part of the comedy, I know! But when you're trying to explain the important parts to your dumbass bro, it's kinda annoying. But overall, awsome.


dont come any closer or i WILL fart!

The Amy Technique is hilarious!!!

Sonic Screaming almost made me fell. So I give you Five thunbs up, even though I have Two.