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Reviews for "Sonic riders in 3 minutes"

i don't like that shadow died

but he died in a funny way so i don't care i like "shall we store the chaos emralds in a save place so they don't get stolen?"
"no let's loose the chaos emralds and waste another game finding them again WHEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!" and when shadow try's to convivce amy he's sonic then batgirl(rouge) pulls him back all movies quick by you are wonderful let's be friends


One of the best movies that is done really fast. This really does sum up sonic riders. Chris sucks. I'm totally with you there man.

That is cool

I think this movie rocks, the best part of it is when eggman farts and when amy catches Sonic whit her rope, and he get that freaking speed. Sonic Battle i love, daem where do you get the ideas, well ceep it going lad. Hope to see more videos from you in the future.


I like this movie of sonic riders its toooooo funny,my friends says so to.
My favorite part was when eggman farts^^(Oooooo did you see those eyes lololollollol.).
And whith schadow to^^.
And also there 2 other but with those two others is puncbag(sonic battle)the funniest(friend says so to again^^).
Anyway make another one ooooooooffff..............................let me think
Sonic Adventure DX and Sonic adventure 2 LOL(big)

ive never laughed so hard in my life

my fave part was with shadow and when eggman fartted you should do that with other games