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Reviews for "Sonic riders in 3 minutes"

LOL But A Little

Dude Can't you do Better then that

1 Ding I Like Your Cartoons WHEEEEEEEEEEEE:):):):)

I'm so glad I didn't buy that stupid game.

Why does Sega even bother anymore?

Another great "in 3 minutes" movie. I really dig your movies, they have a style that is usually so cliche on NG but seems brand new when it comes to your movies. This movie went on a bit longer than 3 min though. Minor setback, but the title could've been 4 or 5 min at least. Anyways, hope to see more from you.

Let me make this reply for you

Dear kez1
Graphics-The reason the graphics are so bad, is because bad graphics being rather bad is because it's funny.
Sound-Words being misspelled and the fast talk is once more funny because it's screwed up, now I don't know about you, but hearing WEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE every few seconds is hilarious.
Style-The movie being fast, and all that jazz is still funny.
Violence-I thought there was plenty!
Interactivity-I hate Chris, maybe it's only funny to people like me.
Humor-Dude....I think with this one you just gotta slow down, If you nask me, your growing up too fast.

A serious review

I've been watching your flash movies for a while now.

I chose this movie to actually review.

Okay, so graphics.
Do you actually put any effort into your characters and graphics? They look like they're doodled in 5 minutes.
Your lipsynching is completely off, i'm no expert and am only just learning flash but people can actually tell what my characters say without words in the bottom.


You say the words way too fast, but this can be blamed on it being "in 3 minutes". However, you still say the words wrong, and spell half of them wrong on the bottom screen. Whether this is just because of you learning english and finding it hard or a lack of effort is irrelevant. The voices are either normal or incredibly squeaky.

Speaking of which, why do you think putting "Wheeeee!!!11" every few seconds in your movies is funny?

You drew the characters fairly well, i'll give you that. But the actual humour is all stuff that's been done before. The Amy/Sonic love, the "lose the emeralds" thing the "screen turning on" are all things i've seen before. Half the jokes just rely on you squealing "WHEEEE!!".

Pfft. Tying Chris to a van? For one, it just looks like you've moved Chris down in one frame and back up in the next and repeated it. No new expressions or anything.

I don't class a game where you can do 3 things to Chris and he does the 3 same reactions, with no sound as interactive, sorry.

Ah, here it is. The thing that allows you to get such high ratings.
People think your work is incredibly funny.
You speak quickly, using the wrong words, and just sqeal "Wh3333333!!!11!" whenever you can't think of what to do.
The only part that made me laugh was the Amy/Sonic part, but that was just because of Sonic's scream noise, which i assume you found from a website.
The problem is that it moves much too fast to actually understand half of it. The fact that the subs are mispelled dosen't help.

A few funny parts, but mostly looks like a few hours of hastily animated doodles.

Not bad

I like the voices in it. They are funny.