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Reviews for "Sonic riders in 3 minutes"

It was just like the movie!!!!

Yea, the story lines for sonic are getting pretty stupid... the good old days when there was none... ahhh. Anyway Its great make more, and from a sonic fan, you have my blessings.


yugi...oh lol all ur stuff is funny

Roger you rock!

That was very funny that shadow said. and i like chris! he's damn cool! keep up the good work!

lets lose the emeralds again! WHEEEE!

lol that was funny. extra interacticity points for the beat up chris game.

Hee Hee...

That is sooooo dang funny!
I love it!
especially the part where hes like NO lets lose them again so we have to spend an entire new game looking for them WEE!
I was repeating that part for weeks!XP