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Reviews for "Sonic riders in 3 minutes"

damn music

even after closing the game window, the damn background music is still playing?!!? WTF?!?!??!? NNNNOOOOOOO

nice talking style tho.


hahahahahahahahahahaha! thatruled.................



...whilst the humor was fine, the sound was a little too quick and thankfully (even though sometimes, you couldn't really read it), the subtitles just saved this.

It's fine by all accounts but I think that sound could've been done a little better.

Other than that, good work!

Please, read this!

If you didn´t find the fun or the good in this movie, think twice! Is there any reason that it is on Frontpage. Even "The Gayest Showdown" did get the front. Why? Tom and CO did find this a good movie. The squecy voices are there because the movie is fast. RAB and iwillpress movies are not att hyper speed. So he don´t rip the idea. And if you want to know the fun of many things in the movie, play Sonic Riders, look at Sonic X and play... some more games and se the fun in the movie.

Graphics - Same as always, but you can draw and the humor in this movie is the Graphics.

Style - Im not sure what this is so you get a 10 here. :3

Sound - Your old voices are better. But these work.

Violence - Chris = Blodbath. :O

Interactivity - ... A Punchbag the Game in miniformate...

Humor - Just as fun as always, WHEEE!

Overall - A good movie indeed. That´s it. :)

And blame me if you want if you find me noob now. :3

um......... its not for all ages

because you said the a word