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Reviews for "Thc - Zerobombers"

Very technical !

Great work with the EQ and compression.The bassline is really grimy and i like it alot.I guess you made it with Massive.The drumloop overall i very nice, i just think you should cut some of the high frequencies of the hats.Also i think you should try iZotope Ozone for complete mastering.Sorry but i can't think of anything else (too tired), but i hope i was of some use to you.Looking forward for the finished one.

10/10 5/5
Keep up the good work.

Qshunt responds:

thanks for your kind words! I use izotope ozone 4 and izotope alloy! the eq still needs a bit of work, since this is not the final product! But I do agree. I was listening to it on my ipod today and came to the same conclusion! its a bit too "lively" on the high end :)
Thanks again!


Give me ur babies !

holy shit

This sounds professional.

This whole song is excellent, and I actually like the voice sample at 3:00. However, you could have made the vocals just a tad louder.

Looking forward to more songs from you.


i couln't really hear what was sung so i considered it just as another instrument....
omg this sounds very coo and this will be what i will be pursuing from now on (skill wise)


Great fast paced dnb!

dont care for the voice sample tho

Qshunt responds:

how abouts i do an instrumental version and post it up here? =)