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Reviews for "Thc - Zerobombers"

awsom bro

nice music ddrums n base and itsj ust perfect gd job


Supa clean stuff. Hugely good groove. Very very easy to listen to, but still very powerful beat and excellent instrumentation. Mixing is superb. Didn't like the break down @ around 3:00... I think it's that particular vocal though, is a little unfitting for some reason.

Builds are a highlight and atmosphere created by the song is deep and enveloping. Excellent work overall!

Qshunt responds:

thanks for the review! this is actually the unfinished version,
Keep your eyes peeled for the full version. I'm upping it now! :)

This song Made my Week

Nothing else to say ! Awesome Stuff !
Perfect bass, lyrics fits nicely to the song (Prodigy rite?)
And yes i listened to it about 10 times , mb more!
Good job mate !


I think i hear a slight echo of The Prodigy. I could be wrong.
I am high :\

Qshunt responds:

Technically you don't hear an echo of the prodigy! You hear an echo of awesome3 - take me away (which was subsequently used by The Prodigy, and The crystal Method, and god knows how many more :))

but yes, its a familiar vocal sample :)

Thanks for the love :-)


I think you've set a new mixing goal for me to reach for. :3 So much weird stuff going on. It's like it sounds super over-compressed, but incredibly clear. Towards the end it didn't sound as good as it did originally, though. Maybe it just wore on me though, I dunno.

I didn't like the lyrics, though, they kinda killed it for me at that point.