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Reviews for "Thc - Zerobombers"

warriors dance - the prodigy

its like the same song... but fast... or im wrong? :S

Qshunt responds:

What the fuck are you on about? Because i neglected to mention it in the description, ive actually posted the source of the vocals several times now...and i'll post it again.

The vocals are from a song called "take me away" by a person / group called "awesome 3" i looked for copyright info regarding this sample, and found nothing, so decided to use it. THE PRODIGY DID NOT INVENT / CREATE this sample.... they had NOTHING to do with it, but like me, they used it in an original track. Does this make sense?

A "1" is pretty unfair, but you are entitled to your opinion.

And no, it sounds NOTHING like the prodigy. i'd be insulted if i did sound like them, and yes it is a lot faster than warriors dance.

so in conclusion...I WILL NOT ACKNOWLEDGE THE PRODIGY for the sample, since they don't hold the copyright on it, and all Liam Howlett did was used the sample like i did.


Btw what are the lyrics specifically? I can hear most of it but I'd just like to know.

Killer Instinct?

Reminds me of Killer Instinct for SNES. Awesome job man!

I love it, it is a must download.

holy shit

This sounds professional.

This whole song is excellent, and I actually like the voice sample at 3:00. However, you could have made the vocals just a tad louder.

Looking forward to more songs from you.


Give me ur babies !