Reviews for "Battle of Supremacy"



more of a remix

citadel in the clouds, dont know which came first but thats what this reminds me of. whether intentional or not, well done


total acoustica mixcraft

masterhappyboy responds:

yeah! about 80%! some violin chords are not from mixcraft :)


I do enjoy the interesting way you pieced together all the tracks here, but I'm afraid I cannot fully appreciate this compilation because several of those loops aren't yours. Add more of your own Imagination.

Anyways, I find the drums a bit throwing off the classical, as many of the other reviewers claim. However, Perhaps lessening the drums and putting them more into the background may give it more of an ambiance. Let the strings have more sound while the drums are the accompaniment.

masterhappyboy responds:

sorry dude. i can't play violin, cello, bass, and mix a drum n bass beat in my own fingers so i just used a software to arrange the stuff.

and i appreciate if you've mentioned which genre should i put this..

thank you very much for your comment

Awesome high-energy song

First off, I wouldn't really say it's classical either. The drumbeats kind of ruin that alone. That said, I think it's a great song, and there's a fair bit going on in the background that makes this song really feel important. Of particular interest to me is the background stuff that starts out at 0:24 and goes through 0:35 or so. It really stands out as a well-written track, and this would definitely not be out of place in a RPG game.