Reviews for "Battle of Supremacy"

uhm, good i guess

it isn't bad, but it also isn't my particular cup of tea. i guess i gave you a fair rating, keep it up or something.

masterhappyboy responds:

no problem sir!
thanks for that! :)

Good stuff!

I could hear this forever. Everything is just perfect in my ears, so... Nice work, very cool style!

masterhappyboy responds:

that's sweet! thanks! :D

Pretty wild!

Definitely not what I'm used to but that doesn't have to be a bad thing! I loved all the different sounds you used; it helped give off that orchestral effect, but I would've put this under misc. songs.

My only beef with this song is at around 1:15, the wavering bass part doesn't appear to loop well, and seems to "clip" before starting again.

All in all, it was a enjoyable and exciting piece -- bravo!

masterhappyboy responds:

yeah i really got trouble in identifying its genre maybe because i combined instruments out of the main theme. haha.

anyway, i lately realized that issue wavering bass. you've got a pretty nice pair of ears pal!

greatly appreciate your "beef" ! :D

yes.. i am that cool...lol

hey wats up man... as said bellow it isnt really classical kinda like classical/ambient with techno drums... i would put it under video game. totaly dig the...wait... is that cello? nice man.... nother suggestion is the piano is lacking chords... and there is a few notes in the piano line i think dont belong(flat/sharp or just off key).... its still an awesome song... violin is amzing!!! totaly cant wait to hear more from u... plz check out my stuff and give me some constructive criticism..

masterhappyboy responds:

yes, i'm thinking that piano line to improve but that's all i can do at the moment.
thanks for pointing out that!


Not really classical but a really cool song.

The only thing I would have liked to have heard was the snare-thingy from the beginning to come back at some point.

masterhappyboy responds:

many thanks pal!

I've also tried to put again that snare thing coz i also love that but i wasn't able find any position or transition to insert it.

thanks for pointing out that part :D