Reviews for "Battle of Supremacy"

Crazy Awesome

The strings in the beginning made me feel that we were going to get quite an awesome song. The addition of the electronica music kind of puts an uneasy feeling with it, but at the same time makes it even more awesome. I say you did a bang up job on this song.

5/5 10/10

another good short music. yup, is classical, but i also feel this is electronica. so... this is Classitronica hahaha... btw, good job again. keep it up. :)


This isn't classical music, but rather falls into the sub genre that could be called "electronic/classical", evoking Craig Armstrong, E.S. Posthumus, Propellorheads (a couple of their well-known songs), or even Juno Reactor vs. Don Davis.

Try the main string melody at a slower tempo, and expunge the drum & bass beat completely. Then try adding brass and woodwind instrument sections.

It takes a lot of guts to try a new genre that you haven't done before. Keep up the good effort! :D


It was very well constructed, I think. The dynamics you added in the strings at the beginning was well placed, however the tech-music that followed afterward was ill in a sense.

Of course, it is just my own personal opinion, but I think adding a less fast paced beat into the track would have made it easier to listen and follow with, although beats in classical music is definitely not required. It was a good first attempt, and very close to what I first created in the Classical genre. You've done well for yourself, and I sure hope to hear more of this genre from you. It would be a great shame if you decided to give up on this genre.


Good song!

Had decent depth, nice melody, and very good background. However, I hardly think putting violin and piano qualify this as "Classical"... not to say thats bad at all! Kinda reminds me of Juno Reactor, and some of E.S. Posthumus's songs. All in all, good work, keep it up!

masterhappyboy responds:

really got hard time identifying it's genre because of the combination of instruments.

but thanks for that sir! :)