Reviews for "Battle of Supremacy"

Not bad, but wrong category

Sorry, but it's the truth. Except for the snare entrance and the strings theme, this has nothing to do with classical music.

I understand that this is your first attempt with this kind of music, but you should try hearing other songs from the same category you're about to submit it to, just to see if it really is the right one.

Other than that, the song has a nice progression into it, but near the end, it stops to change and the theme gets a bit repetitive, wich, after a few listens, gets pretty anoying.

Think about changing that, put an ending and submit it in the good category next time and you're sure to get much better reviews!


Samuel Hébert

Good Work

For its genre, it works pretty well. It seems more "drum-n-bass" with a string lead than a classical piece that happens to have some electro-styled synths and drums.
The piece sounds more suited for an action sequence than an actual definitive battle (which is what the title somewhat implies, but that's just a matter of interpretation).

What I would do, and this is just me, is layer in more instrumentation. Maybe some french horns to either add some lower strength or to complement the string lead you have going on. This piece could be meatier with some more instruments, but again, that's just a preference in composition process. This piece is very good standing alone by itself.

Keep up the good work!

well done

though, as a drummer i don´t like the synthy-drums soooooo much.
keep up your work

great work!

Right off the bat, the snare drum introduction with strings was very fitting for a battle scene. I think the perc loop throughout the piece sounded cool as well, but I think you could mix it up a bit more. Maybe cut out the electronic perc groove here and there and bring back some of the snare drum material from the beginning. As for the actual piece- the string melody is active and energetic, but maybe a bit repetitive as well. Try a modulation or something to help mix things up a bit. Also, perhaps the very end could use some more reverb (just on the last note), this will help make it sound a little less synthetic. All in all, great work though. Keep it up!

Very skillfull!

This track displays a very skill full fusion of Classical and Techno. The vibrant sound of string ensemble layered by tight drum kit makes it an almost continuous and flowing musical idea.

I love the mix. The instruments have enough room and sit well together.

All in all very good track! My 10 stars and a vote of 5 goes to this very cool track! Keep up the good work! 10/10, 5/5