Reviews for "Battle of Supremacy"

digging the melody

Why not drop the beat drums to a lower, grittier industrial sound?
With a change like that the tempo could be brought down a bit as well.
It might be my own personal preference speaking here but, I like where this is going.

masterhappyboy responds:

that's brilliant point drew. let me try that tempo. :)

Awesome !

Always a big fan of classical and modern instrumentation fusions. And I have to say this is one of the better examples of that fusion. It's fast, jumpy and stylish. The violins and the beat mix in so beautifully, especially in the final statements of the song that I wished it was longer. Snare drums are well handled in the beginning, and maybe they should have carried along through the beat , but it's just fine the way it is. Melodies are also very noticeable which is something that usually gets lost in songs like these. All in all, this goes straight to my favourites. Congratulations on you excellent work !

masterhappyboy responds:

Dear popraz,

Thanks for noticing the instruments I've used on the song.
Finally, someone nailed it! I think this is just a classical with a fusion of modern instruments.

You're a genius sir.

Thanks for your time!

Good :)

Bass line sometimes is out of tune, keep an eye on harmony.
It's sounds like battle background music FF made by Nobuo Uematsu.

masterhappyboy responds:

dear paravindskey,

Yeah i admit my bassline's out of tune on someparts. I got hard time figuring out to blend it. Thanks for noticing! :)


Me myself wouldn't call this a classical song too. Wich genre it belongs to I couldn't tell cause I'm already to old to know the difference between all those new genres made up the past 2 decades. ANyhow I do think it's a nice song. I like how the strings drop out after 45 secs and come back after 1min 03 secs. Nice rythm and nice audio quality... Keep up the good works,

With friendly regards,


masterhappyboy responds:

dear JohnSercu,

yeah i also got confusions on genres of songs especially my creations. i just put this song in this genre since all my instruments here are under Film Scoring song kits. I also like the string you've noticed! Thanks for your time!

a great day to you! :)

Wonderful style

I would never have expected to hear this within the classical section, but nevertheless I'm glad I did.

My only gripe would be the repetition, bring in some new melodies! More instruments! More variety!

masterhappyboy responds:

dear MikkMinehan,

I did not expect this either! haha! i did not know why i came up to this modern fusion classical. haha! i limit my instruments since it may fall under 'what-genre-is-this-song'. haha!

thanks for hearing!