Reviews for "Battle of Supremacy"

Great song

Great song I really like it and well done. As a personal preference (to make this song more interesting) I would break this song up to have an interlude at approximately 2/3's of the way in that slows everything down for about 30 seconds while building up some heavy drums and very rich strings and then breaking back into the original tune... just a though in case you wanted to work more on this piece ;)

Excellent job regardless.

masterhappyboy responds:

Dear Smokeshow,

Yeah i was also trying to get a piece on interlude but i still lack of skills. haha! thanks for giving that idea!

a great day to you! :)

Sounds good

Interesting mix between some classical and some modern elements. I like the background beat very much, it sounds very driving. But the strings are nice as well. They have a good tempo and the melody they play sounds very catchy.

The piano in the middle part of the song seems to be a little bit too quiet. Also, towards the end the song gets a bit repetitive.

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Certainly not classical.

Sorry, but throwing a few strings into this piece does not mean that it is classical. For me, the techno parts that you added to this track took away from that particular part of the piece that you were conjuring up.

The pace was good, as was the fact that the strings managed to carry the track largely by themselves was a welcome boon. As the track progressed, there was a nice feeling of expectation developing, where the pace seemed to be taking us somewhere as yet unknown. Then the track stopped, which was a little disappointing. Perhaps you could have put a little more work into looping the track, or going for another minute at least in length, to get us where I feel this track could have been.

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This is pretty cool.

Yea, it may be out of genre but that doesn't mean anything. This is very good. The sound quality is actually very good, and it breaches on classical techno. That's pretty cool.
the melody is very unclear. It's a bunch of violin strokes that never become defined, even when they are alone. That's perfectly fine, because this piece is almost techno which usually relies on chords and a driving beat, but if you were really trying for a real orchestral kind of thing try to make a more pronounced melody the next time you do something like this. I don't recommend it for this song though. You did very well and this sounds very cool. Good job.

Great stuff.

I gotta say, it does sound very alive and jumpy. :)

It's got a keen resemblance to something I might hear from final fantasy in a boss battle. That being said, the title being "Battle of Supremacy" is quite fitting for a song such as this. :)

Good composition, although I agree with paravindskey when he said that it was off-tune in some parts. Keep going though! It's got a good beat. ;)


masterhappyboy responds:


yeah, i admit i got some off-tunes here because definitely i'm still starting in making stuffs. haha. but thanks for the time hearing and reviewing! :D