Reviews for "Sweet Dreams - cover"

I'm blown away!

I'm pretty much at loss of words. I'll try anyway.
At the start I already knew it was going to sound totally different to the original.
Your voice may (as has been said) not sound as powerful as the original singer's, but I think you did a rather good job on singing either way.

I hear just a little bit of an accent to your singing, which makes it just a bit better in its own way.

Then those metal guitars in there, simply perfect, powerful. The drums fit in the mix perfectly too, the cymbals shine through just enough, and just not too much.

I'm digging the synth you brought in the mix right after the vocals in there.
Then, whispered singing, I'm not too much of a fan of the "absolute" panning; I think 'mid-left' and 'mid-right' would have been sufficient; but that may just be because I'm currently listening on headphones.

I like how you strayed away from the original melody towards the end, it really works well. And a nice effect too, the doubled vocals.

I instantly added this to my favourites, so I never lose track of it, ha.
In short: outstanding performance, I'm blown away.


Instrumental it's great,
Your voice is very nice as well.
But your voice lacks the passion and fury for this song.

It sounds very dreamy.
Oh well, Nice song still. ^^


omg this is you.. WOW lol your amazin lol it sorta like an evanescence type song