Reviews for "Sweet Dreams - cover"

I like it

its nice i like the voice and the music

nice =/

nice song and sexy voice i liek


you have a beutiful voice and great talent and hope that you get rcognized by somebody

Could Use A Little Work

My problem is that the guitar is a little overpowering toward the end of each section of the riff it's playing. It's sort of sharp and comes out choppy, similar to when someone strains their voice past their tonal capacity; so fix the guitar. The vocals are fine if you ask me, so are the drums. But the guitar, it bothers me. I'm listening to the song as I write this review to keep it in 'real-time'.

So just do something with the guitar and I think it'd be worth of a 9 or 10. Keep up the good work. Also, listening to it a second time, I feel like you're not really singing the lyrics with as much passion as you could in the beginning of the song. You sound almost bored at the beginning of the song, like one of these guys said. try some evanescence. Listen to how she sings and aim for that and it'd be perfect.

Chilling, yet awesome

Wow.. what more to say about this but that one word, wow. The guitars have an amazing tone which i could hear in some Thrash Metal any day of the week. And your voice is chillingly beautiful, like Amy-Lee from Evanescence, as somebody has already said.

This deserves top marks by everyone, and your voice is so addictive, i'd love to hear more.