Reviews for "A Horse With No Name(cover)"

Da Funk!!

tsk tsk tsk

Put a banjo in there and the song would be instant 10 and download from everyone D:


purdy good.i mean you added so personal flavor to a classic song and i give you props for that but...man its kinda boring by its self.i mean its only a three chord song and while there is nothing wrong with that i would have given you a much higher score if there were some vocals in the to make it more listenable..but the same three chords over and over get really old.keep on playin brother

Detoxx responds:

Yah i know it gets repetitive. Thanks for the feedback.

kinda crappy

the guitars just kinda repeat themselves with amost no variations at all. the beat is kinda out of time too

8th grade.

I learned this song in 8th grade, the first day I picked up a guitar. It's two chords, over and over again. Your rhythm is off at times, which is the -only- thing required to shift between those two chords.

Detoxx responds:

8th grade was awesoooome!