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Reviews for "All New All Your Base"


didn't u do a similar flash almost exacally like this one a few days ago i remember seeing somethign close to this

FireNuke responds:

no i dident

good one

that was a pretty good parody of All Your Base. nice background images in this one too. i liked it.... then again, it's hard not to like All Your Base.

FireNuke responds:

my freind thank you

Seen it Before

It's exactly like the others, but I think it should be in the collection as it is still a true 'all your base' parody.

FireNuke responds:

okkie dokie thanks have a great day

Nice to see some new AYB pictures...

...But as the AYB is not that original, you get low score. You got a protection point because AYB is still a favourite of mine, and I liked some of your pics. :)

FireNuke responds:

made them all my self
well almost all of them XD

Meep Meep

These kinda things would piss me off normally, but I just love that damn tune.. haven't heard in a few good months now!!

well done for bringing it back!

FireNuke responds:

thanks dude you rock