Reviews for "High Pressure System (MM9)"


This was a very well done song,every sound effect you used was put together very well and the quality was fantastic,overall i enjoyed this song very much and you should be very proud of yourself. =)

Very Nice!

I just went ahead and listened to all the tracks that entered into the competition and I must say that your track is among my favourites. It creates a good atmosphere and sounds almost epic! Good luck with the other rounds!

Love it

I really do like all of your stuff. You are an EXCELLENT audio artist and wish you the best of luck in producing amazing stuff like this piece of work here.

You never cease to impress

I'm no music critic, but your work is amazing. I'm a regular downloader of yours on OC.


Very nice for 8 hours of work. Leads are really VGish, I love em :). Mastering is great, percussion is great too. Nothing disappointing, as expected from you :p