Reviews for "High Pressure System (MM9)"

Wow, lucky!

I'm lucky that is, as the tornado man track was my all time favorite megaman track! Great job!

This is Huge

And reminds me that I need to buy some of your retail music. Huge props for providing the audio community with free remixes, and again I must stress that you continue your method tutorials for FL Studio - upcoming composers like myself need the help! Plus, the more you help the community, I'm sure the more exposure your music will get, and no matter how successful you are, more exposure is always good!

Top class mix, blows almost all other portal submisions away like everything else you submit. 5/5, 10/10, download... probably an album purchase or two... ;)


Amazing! Like all your remix!

I like this

Hmm considering you did this in eight hours it's impressive. I've never played nine but one of these days I will. I don't see why people wouldn't like this. It feels nice and it's not hard on the ears or anything.

sorry dude