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Reviews for "Retarded Animal Babies 15"

A little something by DAVE

this little something is the best flash ever! ive watched all RAB and still think they're good.

Dave- keep up the good work!

freaken sweet

this is my fav so far ,keep up the good work :)


Really, to the dude before me... are you aware that this mans blood, sweat, and tea...well actually not tears, go into these movies? and that he does this for us newground-ers? Really, who can blame the man for not putting 9 and 16 on here. I your an actual fan, stop being a fucking cheepskate and buy the DVD. Besides if you think about it, if we give him money, then he can upgrade his software and make the new RABs Own. I thought it was Great (as usual) and am already planning to buy the DVD. Keep up the awesome work.

lol i checked out hamster dunce

lol i checked out hamster dunce.com lol


Love your shit Dave. Also Y411994, what the FUCK are you talking about?